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How we work

Most of our customers have just bought a property but feel that it is a challenge to renovate a house in another country, whether it is about languages, rules, new materials, bureaucracy or a building culture that many experience as different from home. It can also be difficult to follow the process when you still have an everyday life to take care of in your home country. That’s why we follow you all the way, from idea to move-in ready home. So you can focus on your dream.

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Our work process usually consists of eight phases:

1. Idea

In a first meeting you will bring your thoughts and ideas. From this, we will come together to help you create your dream home, whether you have a plot, a house in need of renovation / refurbishment or so far just an idea. We elaborate a plan for how the project will be carried out and an agreement is signed in order to start our work. In this first stage we also ask for a Pre study to define what is legally possible to do with the property.

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2. Pre-project

In the form of a feasibility study, we analyze what is needed to complete your project. What can be done in your house and how? We go through style, taste, materials, colors, budget and other wishes. Based on that, we give you a concept proposal that is described in pictures, text and floor plans. The purpose is to visualize your idea and your goals with the project.

3. Design development

Here you will be contacted with the necessary parties required to carry out your project, such as architect / technical architect, lawyer and landscaper. We visit stores and suppliers to find the materials, products and joinery that will be in the house. Together we plan kitchens and bathrooms according to your needs. In this step, a project plan and an estimated timeline are also made. Now your dream has become more concrete and we can produce the job description to be given to selected entrepreneurs.

4. Building law

When both parties feel comfortable with the proposal, current building permit documents – such as floor plans, phase drawings and situational drawings – should be created together with the selected architect / technical architect and delivered according to the municipality’s requirements. Here we help you to ensure that the architect delivers floor plans that match your wishes and the pre-approved projects. Together with a selected architect / technical architect, we then make sure that communication with your municipality’s urban building office is as efficient as possible.

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5. Construction documentation

Lighting plans, detailed drawings, descriptions and technical constructions are being prepared so that we can provide the project team of builders, electricians and plumbers with the right documentation execute the work with all details described. The mail part of this work is done before the construction starts but will continue throughout the whole construction phase.

Custom designed fireplace in the making – from first idea to final result (end result soon to come)

From drawing to custom designed pool and garden

6. Procurement

Tender documents are sent to selected contractors and suppliers. With the help of a large network, we help you with advice and recommendations on which you can choose to use. When the choice of contractors and suppliers is made, we ensure that the contract is clear and that the construction project can be completed. This is done in the presence and control of us as a project manager and under the supervision of you as a client.

7. Construction work and sign off

We project and monitor developments on the spot – we act as your eyes throughout the process. We are responsible for the construction in accordance with our instructions in consultation with the craftsmen. Our assignment as project manager for the construction site starts on the same day that the craftsmen begin and are not completed until you as a customer have approved the work of the craftsman and that the house is ready for occupancy.

8. Furnishing and styling

Furnishing and styling starts already during the design development and does not finish until the house is final inspected and it is time to put everything in place. We take care of everything from presenting furniture proposals and ordering to delivery, assembly and final styling.

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