Assignment: Penthouse
Location: Malaga
Property Type: Apartment
Project start: 2019

Our mission: This apartment, located in the heart of Malaga, needed some love and care to show its potential. We were contracted to make a light makeover of the surfaces in the apartment as well as the bathroom and a new more functional and upgraded kitchen solution.

The owners of this apartment wanted to have a light and Scandinavian look, but with a clear feeling of being an apartment in Malaga, Spain.

We made a new furniture layout and extended the kitchen towards the dining area to create more kitchen workspace that also hides all technology needed for a home office. We kept the wooden floor but changed the color of all the doors in order to make the hallway more calm and bring out the right glow of the floor. The color scheme is white, grey and oak wood.  We added the Mediterranean colors of blue, turquoise and green and a dash of yellow as details to give the apartment a more personal and vibrant touch.

This apartment is a very popular rental object.

If you are interested in experiencing Malaga and living in the heart of town with your own roof terrace you might want to try this apartment. Check it out here

Before... & after