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We are a team of Interior Designers, Project Managers and Decorators who endeavour to create personalized homes which reflect our clients’ dreams, thoughts and ideas.

No projects are too big or too small.

We can help at any chosen moment of your project or be with you all the way from the idea to drawing to the complete construction/renovation as well as furnishings with a personal touch.

Welcome to HOME Andalu Living!

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“Fantastic people and fantastic results”

-Donna Berg


Most of our customers have just bought a property but feel that it is a challenge to renovate a house in another country, whether it is about languages, rules, new materials, bureaucracy or a building culture that many experience as different from home. It can also be difficult to follow the process when you still have an everyday life to take care of in your home country. That’s why we follow you all the way, from idea to move-in ready home. So you can focus on your dream.

“Only people can provide service and here you will find those with passion and genuine interest to make you happy”

-Bodil Olsson


All our projects are unique because each customer has their own dream and different needs. Thanks to a long experience of large and small construction projects, we have the knowledge and contact network required. We specialize in turnkey projects that help you throughout the whole process. In this way, you get a safe and quality-controlled construction process, as well as a beautiful and bespoke interior to your taste.

“A fresh approach to interior design, very professional premises

-Katy DeCsanady McEwen


Since we are an interior design studio with our own Showroom and not really a furniture store, there are no restrictions in either style or budget in our packages. We look for furniture and accessories from many different stores and brands and tailor a package specifically for you and your needs, in the style and budget you want. You choose how much or how little you want us to handle for you.

The furniture packages we offer include our design service at no extra cost and both transport and assembly are included in the package price. Choose from different budgets and styles, from Basic with the most important thing you need to Premium and Turnkey packages with everything you need.

“Unconventional ideas and practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions! Our worn down house was transformed into a beautiful home for a cost that stayed within agreed limits ”

-Ulla Kristina och Göran Wennergren

“A very professional job right through”

-Ulrika Hahn Lundström


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