Between the sky and the mountains

Join Lasse and Cecilia. And a house that gives you a feeling of being out of time and space.

The road to Casa Miranda is winding, just like life itself – and like the building process when the house was to be built. To get here, I drive from Malaga to the east for an hour before heading for the Andalusian mountains and small white villages. There, on a mountain ridge above Itrabo, a small road continues past the olive groves and some other houses. And on this road, six hundred and fifty meters above the sea, is Casa Miranda.

Already at the fantastic wrought iron gate, I realize that I have come to a house where no choices are random. The details show wherever I go.

From the large terrace it is as if the distance between heaven and earth is a little smaller. Here is an infinity pool with a horizon of majestic mountain peaks. This is also what has become a typical image of Casa Miranda in social media. Basically everyone who visits Casa Miranda is photographing and sharing the beautiful view. I also can’t help but post and post a picture on Instagram.


It doesn’t take long for the hearts and wow messages to flow.

The house is overwhelming in many ways, the large terraced areas, the pizza oven, the walled benches and the pergola where sunlight is filtered down through bamboo mats. Even the shadows may shine in this oasis.

– Although the view is spectacular everywhere you look, we have a small road that passes the house. It is used by both hikers and farmers, so we chose to put up a wall here for more privacy – and instead open up in the other direction towards the mountains and the valley, says Cecilia.

Project management Almuñecar

Took the leap and moved from Oslo

Lasse grew up in Bærum and holds his Master of Architecture from the Oslo School of Architecture. Cecilia, who shares his interest in design and construction, is himself an interior designer. Raised in Gothenburg in Sweden and educated at the Merkantilt Institute in Oslo Norway.

The couple sold everything they owned, closed their architect’s office, took the children with them and started building the dream home in Andalucia. There they also founded HOME Andalu Living.

– We got a steep learning curve on how construction and establishment are going in Spain, laughs Cecilia.

HOME Andalu Living - a heart child

HOME Andalu Living is their heart child and also holds what they are passionate about most – to see the opportunities and create amazing apartments and houses. Now they contribute their knowledge of design, architecture and Spanish building rules to others.

We are so lucky that we get to realize other people’s dreams, says Cecilia, adding:

– We have had projects with such a different focus. Everything from small apartments to larger complexes for housing developers. What is both good, but sometimes a little strenuous, is that we always go in with both heart and soul in all these projects – it is really one of the most fun things we know.

It is challenging for foreigners to orient themselves and design their holiday homes in Spain. It is also part of what we help with – we can share our vast experience from our own house and close to a hundred projects for customers.

We have a good network of architects and lawyers to help our clients through the bureaucracy. They ensure that all legal issues are taken care of, which everyone who knows Spain understands the importance of.

Valuable time

They love the time they have together at Casa Miranda. Both as a family, but also with friends.

– Getting here makes you forget about time and place in a way. The shoulders drop and the pulse goes into chill mode, Lasse smiles.

– We love to have guests up here, cook and just be together. Go for walks in the immediate area. We would love to have even more time for that!

Lasse opens the door to the pizza oven and takes out a pizza ordered by the kids and their friends who visit this weekend. – Jeeey! it is called in chorus, everyone is hungry and on a large shovel the wood-fired baked pizza comes balancing to the table.

A magical moment, of which there are so many, right here at Casa Miranda.

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A Place in the sun, filming at Casa Miranda